Coruscate – "Making it Happen…"

Coruscate abides by its vision of offering top notch solutions to its customers at highly affordable prices without compromising on the quality or effectiveness of the technology. We believe that relationships are as important as the solutions and we always strive to exceed your expectations in all that we do.

How we help in Accelerating Your Success

Coruscate is essentially a web and mobile application development Company. But that is only the area we work in. Our USP lies in that we go the extra mile to understand your business. That done, our tech geeks dream up out-of-the-box ideas that really add value to your business processes. Last but not the least, our implementation team ensures that your team is fully acquainted with all the ways in which they can draw maximum benefit out of the application we develop for you. It goes without saying that all our applications are developed and implemented with the least possible disruption in your business!

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Web Applications

The World Wide Web is a highway without speed limits. To be successful on this highway, you must have applications that are just as fast. We utilize cutting edge technologies such as Node.JS to create web applications that are customized for the information super-highway. Every application we design is qualitatively superior and enhances your presence on the web. Business analysis, designing of web pages, HTML/CSS conversion, backend development, testing, deployment, retesting and maintenance – all these are integral parts of our web application development process.

iOS – Stand Out with Coruscate

The originator of mobile applications, iOS continues to remain the most innovative mobile system and the final frontier in mobile presence. Our iOS application development focuses on three key features – stunning interfaces, ease of usage and thorough business applicability. iOS applications designed / developed by us are compatible across all versions of iPhones and help de-mark and elevate your business a cut above the rest.

Android – Coruscate Keeps You Ahead

This operating system from Google has changed the way we look at mobile phones forever. Having an application on the Google Play Store is a must have for any and every business now. Coruscate Solutions has a dedicated Android development team that understands the nuances of this OS like none other. We offer our clients the very best in applications in terms of innovations, user friendliness, originality, design, vision, and versatility. All of this is of course, based on the latest programming structures and techniques.

Mobility – Re-Defined by Coruscate

Take your web presence to the next level – go mobile with the perfect application from Coruscate. It’s not just about reaching out further, it is also about increasing your productivity and staying in touch on-the-go. Forget about a laptop, Coruscate’s mobility applications let you handle your business and transact from anywhere – right from your smart phone. 

Smart Consultant

Smart Consultant is an app designed for doctors to maintain patient wise & hospital wise records of his Surgeries so that they can better track.

Folien Knecht

One of Germany’s biggest Corporate Presentations’ company, Folien Knecht turned to Coruscate when it came to designing and developing their mobile applications.


Ever got lost in a new city for lack of mobile network? Find it tough to locate your car after you’ve parked it in a huge parking space? Locatier is your solution.


Coruscate has designed mobile application to upload their inventory and any of their client can access the same by filtering their desired criteria from any corner of the world and place their orders.