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Industrial Verticals

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Everyone at Coruscate loves challenges… and what better way to meet new challenges then working in diverse industry verticals. We have been around for just over three years, but every year, we have added new industry verticals to our list of specializations. Here’s a look at some of our work areas, and the development stories that today allow us to boast of our prowess in these verticals:

  • Gems & Jewelry

    Gems & Jewelry

    Having started our journey from Surat, the diamond processing capital of the world made working on software for the gems & jewelry industry a natural extension of our work. The last decade has been an exciting one in terms of technological advancements for both these areas.

    The diamond processing industry has moved forward strongly towards automation and while traditional methods of working still do exist, most of the work on inventory management, manufacturing process management, sales & purchase, and a dozen other processes has been moved to software.

    While the industry has moved forward, there are still many challenges developing software for the gems & jewelry industry. Most diamond and jewelry units are still controlled by first generation entrepreneurs, people who have never used a computer in their lives. They only understand things they can hold in their hands and get a feel from. Software for them is alien technology. Getting them to understand the benefits of moving to software based process management, and then convincing them to invest in software requires legendary efforts.

    While diamond manufacturing process management software has been around for several years, Coruscate has been a pioneer of sorts in this field. Instead of focusing on recreating traditional software solutions, we took a completely different direction. We gave birth to the first ever “Business Intelligence and Data Analytics” based self-evolving Inventory Management software for the diamond industry. A comprehensive web-based diamond ERP system, a composite and integrated accounting system, and a robust B2B diamond sales management system are our other offerings for this industry.

    This has allowed us to work with some of the biggest client names in the diamond industry – Rosy Blue, Prism Group, PriGems USA, among others.

    For a more detailed look at our software offerings for the gems & jewelry industry, check out

  • Travel & Tourism

    Travel & Tourism

    The Travel & Tourism industry is perhaps the most advanced today when it comes to using information technology. Online and mobile-based bookings, comprehensive property and data management suites are just some of the applications already available in the market. So it is definitely a massive challenge to make your presence felt in an already mature domain.

    Rather than reinvent the wheel, Coruscate has taken an approach of doing the same things… with a difference. Applying innovative concepts in designing and development; and bringing our vast understanding of the latest coding technologies on board, we have taken ease-of-use – the one term that is totally the need of the hour in the travel & tourism industry – to an all new level.

    Our native iOS and Android applications are thoroughly sensitized keeping in mind the aversion of travelers to have to scroll through tens of pages for getting the booking or package they want. With customized travel plans fast becoming the flavor of the day, we have created both mobile and web-based applications that ask the least possible questions, yet deliver the highest possible level of customization for users.

    With multiple projects on the floor – from hotel groups to specialized trip planners, and travel agents – we have moved ahead a long way into the travel & tourism domain and are fast creating a special niche for ourselves.

  • Non-Profit


    Coruscate is not a philanthropic organization – we are undoubtedly a for-profit IT services company. However, we love working for non-profit organizations. One of our earliest and among the most satisfactory projects was a customized software that we developed for a NGO. While the work was pro-bono, the efforts were not.

    NGOs and other non-profit bodies in India (and in vast majority of other locations around the world) do not normally have the resources to invest heavily in technology. So while they might hope to have a complete software solution for their work, they might not have good computers to run that software. Overcoming these challenges and creating a specialized software for them was a particular pleasure for the Coruscate team.

    A bespoke web-based solutions looked like a better option for them then a desktop based resource demanding application, and that is exactly what we gave them. Developed using the latest web technologies, the application we developed allows NGOs and non-profit organizations to conduct their work in the most secure environment. From receiving donations to issuing e-receipts, sharing information about events, managing field resources and a host of other features, the application is a one-stop-solution for their every possible requirement.

    Our exceptional work with NGOs and non-profits has also allowed us to add quite a few prestigious names to our client list. The most notable of these is the Mumbai chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), which is India’s premiere association of entrepreneurs from India biggest business houses. Also of note is the NGO working with disabled war veterans.

  • Education


    Times are changing and so is the domain of education. Schools are becoming modern, classrooms are becoming SMART and the sector is demanding technological advancements. There is massive scope for developments to be made in the field of education in terms of institutional management applications, admissions management, curriculum development and delivery, and many other areas.

    However, training the people who train the future of the world to use software applications is never an easy task. They are more attuned to books and blackboards and do not welcome any intrusion from external agencies such as Coruscate, even if it is aimed at improving their deliverables. Working in such a strongly rigid environment was particularly invigorating for the Coruscate team.

    Our first foray into the education sector was a simple admission management software for a group of educational institutions. Instead of creating a stand-alone application, we developed a web-based centralized solution that brought the admission procedure for the various schools and colleges of the group under a single umbrella. This was followed by the inclusion of a comprehensive student performance management module, which further led to the demand for integration with SMART classroom solution.

    Every solution was developed keeping in mind growing student numbers and thus scalability. While initial deployment was a tough nut to crack, once we got the ball rolling, there was no stopping. The result has been the creation of a system that works like a smooth, well-oiled machine with all parts meshing with each other perfectly.

  • Food & Beverages

    Food & Beverages

    Dozens of norms, legal formalities and quality standards make the food & beverage industry a virtual nightmare to work with when it comes to software development. Everything has to be made to measure and in a manner that it meets every audit requirement. For a young software development team, just understanding the legal norms and GMP requirements was mind-boggling.

    Grabbing the learning opportunity with both hands, Coruscate embarked on a mission to become an expert in developing applications for the food & beverage industry. Exhaustive research, hours of discussions with clients and process experts, and tens of actual on-site process study visits later, we created one of the most comprehensive ERP applications for the food & beverages industry.

    An all-inclusive software, the solutions meets stringent FPO and FDA norms, ISO and HAACP requirements, and every other quality standard requirements currently in the market. Features include complete inventory management, raw material and finished products ageing, logistics management, and even reminders for expiring raw and finished goods.

    The sheer thoroughness of our development has been highly appreciated by our clients – the most prominent of them being Geeta’s Foods, UK. The biggest name in the Indian chutney, pickles, spices and curry pastes market in the UK, Geeta’s signed up with Coruscate to create the software application it needed for its manufacturing facilities in India. The results have left them a thoroughly satisfied fan of our work.

    The other major feather in our cap has been our work with The Centre Court Cakes, one of the oldest and most prestigious cake shops in South Gujarat. The online order and delivery management system that we created for them has helped them increase their business by nearly 200% in the six months since the project was implemented.

  • Cosmetics & Beauty

    Cosmetics & Beauty Products

    Just like the F&B industry, manufacturing of cosmetics and beauty products too calls for strict observance of many laws and regulations, and compliance with extremely stringent quality norms. Developing a software that streamlines the entire process and ensures that all compliance requirements are fulfilled is no easy feat.

    Our client required an application that gave them control over every step of the procure-manufacture-dispatch process. Creating such an application required thorough understanding of the inner workings of the industry and also wide knowledge of the manufacturing process. Banking on our understanding of compliance requirements, Coruscate combined in-depth research with weeks of hard and smart work, both on-site and off-site to completely understand the cosmetics & beauty products industry.

    We then clubbed this know-how with the strengths of our developers in logic and coding and developed an ERP cum CRM application that is tailor-made for the cosmetics and beauty products industry as a whole. Delivered in a SAAS format, the application works in a secure environment, and integrates market intelligence and data analytics to provide definitive reports for business strategy and development.

  • Financial Services

    Financial Services

    The financial services domain touches every individual, yet for the layman, it is a nightmare. Even for something as simple as a personal loan, there are dozens of documentary requirements, and miles of fine print to be understood. Just cutting through this maze can tax the skills of the most knowledgeable scholar.

    Our challenge lay in simplifying these processes to the extent where they could fit onto a mobile application without breaking any of the rules & norms put in place by the regulators. The client required a web portal and a mobile application, both working simultaneously at the highest levels of integration. While the need was only for a web and mobile-based loan application system, creating it required a deep understanding of what is allowed and what is not allowed.

    Working on the premise, “The Simpler, the Better”, Coruscate’s technical experts took the requirements and underlying norms apart, dissected all the information available and then put it all back together in the form of an ultra-elegant, ultra-simple web and mobile application that even kids can understand. We even converted all the fine print into bold to make it easier for users to understand what exactly they can and should expect.

    The efforts that went into the project has allowed our team to become virtual experts on almost all aspects of the financial services industry and have bagged us several clients from this domain in a short span of time.