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SQL Server 2012


AngularJS 1&2
Laravel 5.2
Sails JS



Preferred Technologies

We are a highly dynamic, young and geeky team. But more than geeky, we are full of fun and innovation – both of them go hand-in-hand. To boldly develop what no developer has developed before, our people prefer to work with nothing but the latest and innovative technologies. Some of the platforms we prefer to word with include:


We are one of the few Node.JS development companies in India, and definitely among the best. This allows us to build highly responsive, scalable and flexible, real-time applications on this cutting-edge platform.


Extreme flexibility condensed into a single page of Javascript – that’s Angular for you. It’s bread and butter for our javascript techies. It also means unbelievably easy to use applications for your business and end-users.

iOS Development

iOS or the App Store is no mystery for our iOS specialists – you let us know the kind of app you want and we will have it live – with exclusive interfaces and robust technology background – in no time at all. Full enjoyment guaranteed!

Android Development

Whatever the version of Android – our mobile technology specialists can create an app for it. With more than a billion people on the Android bandwagon, you can be sure your app will reach your target audience in the right way.

Laravel 5 Development

We are no strangers to Laravel – after all we started with it right from the start. Ins and outs, ups and downs, we know everything there is to know about Laravel. So you can be assured there will be no trial and error with your project.

UI/UX Development

Visually attractive with a user experience that is par-excellence – that’s what our creatively skilled craftsmen aim for and deliver every time we create a User Interface. What you get though is a high level of end user satisfaction.

Test automation

Test automation helps reduce manual testing and accelerates regression testing.We help you design and implement an automated testing strategy for your organization and ensure that there is an operational plan in place to maintain it. We provide automaton solution for both Web and mobile platform.

Functional Testing

Our services help software vendors and business software users assure that their software is functionally perfect.We begin with an assessment of your application/product objectives and lay out a clearly defined implementation plan for aligning functional testing objectives.

Cross Browser testing

Modern days many numbers of browser are available in market and it is so important that your web application is looks perfectly on all Modern browser. Jsbot’s Approach to cross browser testing ensures that your web application works correctly across different web browsers.