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why coruscate?

Programming nerd? Geeky about iOS? Love to express yourself freely without really worrying about project limitations? Enjoy out-of-the-box thinking and breaking new ground in IT applications development? Welcome to Coruscate.

We are not a big company; actually we just grew out of our startup phase. But we do have a fantastic, fun-filled, full of freedom work environment. No formalities anywhere. If you have the wings, we want you to fly. If you are thinking what else… check out our competitive salaries, flexi work hours, or even fast-track career paths. Did you forget to mention that we have a true open-door, no secrets policy as well?


What to Expect?

If the above did not sound good enough to you, here is what you can expect when you walk-in to Coruscate for a sojourn with us.

  • A team with the oldest member at 25 years and an average across the board age of 22 years.
  • A work environment where everyone is part of a single family… trainees to CEO
  • A totally flat organization – we only have a total of 4 levels
  • Fun events every month – you feel bored, you organize your own fun event and pull everyone in
  • Freedom – to work, to throw around ideas, to just walk in on the CEO and tell him your brain cells are sizzling with something new
  • Hard work. Oh yeah! We will get you to work your butt off, but it will be so damn satisfying.
  • Learning every day, you are at work. Even our CEO is still a student.
  • Grow fast – you could be a team leader in a year, a project leader in year and half. Howzzat?

What Do We Look For?

So you know what you can expect from Coruscate. Here’s our version of what we want you to come in with…

  • A brain at the top; well you have to have those cells in the right place to blend in with our geeks
  • Rock solid technology know-how… Not always possible, but if you have inclination, we are ready to train you
  • Open communications and a good grasp of English. We are not looking for linguists, but yeah, you sure must be able to hold your end
  • Quality consciousness. Everything about Coruscate shouts “Quality”. So make sure you are ready to deliver bug-free, error-free work that’s top-of-the-line
  • You have got to be workacious (a new term we invented) – it means you must be a workaholic (for the 8 hours you are in office) and have the ability to infect others with this habit
  • Ready for some long term commitment; we sure don’t plan to bind you, but we are not here to play T20. Come in for a long test innings dude.